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    Checking Tire Pressure

    It is important to check your vehicle's tire pressure at least once a month for the following reasons:

    • Most tires may naturally lose air over time.
    • Tires can lose air suddenly if you drive over a pothole or other object or if you strike the curb when parking.
    • With radial tires, it is usually not possible to determine under inflation by visual inspection.

    Purchase a tire pressure gauge to keep in your vehicle. Gauges can be purchased at tire dealerships, auto supply stores, and other retail outlets.

    Therefore, to get an accurate tire pressure reading, it is important that you must measure tire pressure when the tires are cold or compensate for the extra pressure in warm tires.

    Remember, the correct pressure for your tire is what the vehicle manufacturer has listed on the placard, NOT what is listed on the tire itself.



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